New kitchen renovations can be expensive when considering cabinets, benchtops, splashbacks, appliances and the Trades that are necessary. If your kitchen layout works for you but your kitchen is tired and needs a lift, a Kitchen Makeover can be a great affordable investment as well.

By replacing your cabinet fronts and benchtops, new handles and if needed, appliances, you can have a wonderful revamp of your existing space that is more affordable. The advantage to makeovers is they can be done in stages. Cabinet fronts first and a benchtop makeover at a later date if you wish. Or you may wish to just replace your cabinet fronts or just benchtops.

Makeovers are very cost effective you if you don’t want to make massive design changes and modifications. On-site appointments are done by qualified designers to ensure your kitchen is suitable for a makeover and to help with new products that will enhance your existing layout.


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